Lock Of Hair
Mobile Stylist And Glamorizer

At Lock Of Hair, we offer a wide range of services all in the comfort of your own home.

To book an appointment within the Northampton area, please contact Samantha on 07540131731.

               Hair                                                         Glam                                                       

               Cut & finish           £25
               Wet Cut                £15                             Spray Tan                         £20                                   
               Style From            £15                             Orly Gel FX Nails                £15                       
               Roots                    £25                             Acrylic Nails                       £20
               Full Head Colour   £35                            
               Half Head Foils     £30                             
               Full Head Foils      £40
               Hair Extensions    £30ph
               Girls Cut

               0-5 years            £5
               6-10 years          £10
              11-15 years         £15
               + Style                £5

               Boys Cut

               0-5 years             £5
               6-15 years           £7

If you have any questions or queries please contact me via phone 07540131731 or on facebook at Lock Of Hair,
where you can also find offers and photos of my work.